Our Hats

0 – 3 Months 6½ inches
3 – 6 Months 7½ inches
6 – 12 Months 8½ inches

Our Football Boots

At widest point
0 – 6 Months 4½ inches 2.2 inches
6 – 12 Months 5 inches 2.2 inches

Our Adult size Aprons/ Are one size.

Measurements as follows( are approximate)

28 inches left to right  at the widest point ( excluding the string ties, they are 35 inches per side.)  

Length measures 48 inches from the neck tie down to below the pockets. This apron tends to finish just below the knee.


Our Hurleys

As mentioned on previous pages our hurley come in two sizes. 6 ” & 10″ approximately.

Because they are made by hand,  no two will be the same size and being solid ash, the grain and colour may differ in each hurley.

Our Hurleys are very cute! in the right hands. They are not toys and we strongly advise adults to exercise responsibility with them.

They are solid Ash, and are not varnished or preserved with any harmful substances.